Welcome To The Home Of The 57th Transportation Company.


I arrived at the 57th in September of 1970. At the time the 57th was the northern most transportation company. We ran the Firebases in Northern I Corps. Places like FSB Barbara, JJCarroll, Charlie 1 and Charlie 2. Some of the guys used to like to have target pratice with the NVA flag at the DMZ. We did our share of running to Da Nang and Tan My Ramps.


In 1971 we were joined by many other TC units for Operation Dewey Canyon II/Lam Son 719.The ARVN incursion into Laos to cut off the Ho Chi Minh Trail. All the TC units lost men and equipement during this time. We reopened the airstrip at Dong Ha. We then leapfrogged to FSA(Forward Support Area) Vandergrift and then to KHE SANH. Convoys ran day and night. From Vandergrift to Khe Sanh was a fun ride at night. Especially crossing the river and going through Sherwood Forest.


This website is meant to HONOR the MEN and WOMEN that made the ultimate sacrifice. To those of us that made it home "WELCOME HOME BROTHERS AND SISTERS"


Pictures have been contributed by Capt. David Burdloff, Lt.Sam Hoskins, Jimmy Peacock, Brad Kelley, Paul Bader, Gary Kennedy(nephew of a fallen buddy) and Claude Roberson.


Jose and I been talking and I offered my help to work on the website. I'm greatly honored and humbled that he had the trust in me to do this. This website means a lot to me. To get back together with the brothers of Nam like Jim Elrod, Elrod, Dave Burdloff, Captain, Jose Garcia, Boy, Dennis Bute, Cherry,  to name few. One of the first tasks is bring in a friend Joshua here in Twin Falls Website Designer to help with the design. Feel free to contact me or Jose with any questions or concerns regarding this change.
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