Our Home in Vietnam


It was our home away from home.We did the best we could to make it comfortable. But sometimes supplies were in short supply. We tried though.

  • Please walk through our company entrance and make yourself at home. We did.
  • Kinda made you feel like you were on a college campus back in the world. The only thing missing were the blondes.Yes DEBRA even back then we thought about blondes.
  • Check out our motor pool. HERTZ didn't have s#*t on us. Just pick up a logbook and head on out. Make sure that you follow the guy in front of you. He's got the MAP
  • Check out the supply room, just in case you need some ammo. This is a war zone you know. Don't forget to tell the Captain that you are leaving now. And pay attention when he tells you not to bring back any BOOM BOOM GIRLS.
  • Capt. David Burdloff 1969-70
  • Capt. Victor Matich 1970-1971
  • Lt. Sam Hoskins Here the Lt. looks dog tired. Rough day on the "roads" of Vietnam can do that to you. In the second one he finally gets cleaned up. In the third one he is looking like Major Frank Burns of MASH fame trying to get permission to drive the jeep. Lt. Earl Mikolitch - Not Pictured 1970-1971
  • Papa Sanh, Curtis Queens and Jimmy Peacock This is the company orderly room. The first is of papa sanh and Curtis Queens (named supplied by Jimmy Peacock) and that is Jimmy Peacock in the second photo with his feet up on the desk.
  • Kenneth Black 1970-1971
  • David Joseph 1970-1971
  • Robert Stebner (Not Pictured) 1967 If you know of other men who have fallen during Vietnam then please contact us.